With a little help…why do we eat what we eat?

Remarkably, it seems like I’ve been writing about the misbehavior of kitchens and the role of women within them for a long time – and just like that, the conversation has started to finally go very, very public.  In the course of just a few weeks, the misbehavior of a few notable chefs has opened the conversation up to a national audience.  Although those cases will all continue to play out in the courts for some time – it is refreshing to see the conversation take on new urgency.

But, while that conversation brews a bit, I am asking for some help this week.

I am taking on a project writing about our relationships with food.  There are so many questions in this conversation that it can, at times, seem like a maze.  Which question to tackle and which way to go is hard to determine.

But, I think I have a space in which to start.  Which is where you come in.

I want to look at why we eat what we eat.

So, I’ve come up with a short set of questions that I need you to answer.

You can answer them in the comments space below (but, keep in mind the comments are public) or, shoot me an email (ajcarbine@icloud.com).  Either way – I’d really appreciate you taking 5 minutes to participate with your thoughts…and don’t worry, there are no wrong answers!

Here we go:

  1. What is your food “ideology” – how do you shape your concept of what you should eat?
  2. Does any one factor/idea/belief/person/…from any part of your life shape your “ideology”?  If yes, what is it?
  3. What percentage (roughly) of the time in “real life” do you live up to your “ideology” in how you actually eat?
  4. What in your life causes you to stray from your “ideology” of food and eating?
  5. Are either of these questions important to you regarding food: (a) Who made it (purveyors/farmers/chefs)?  (b) Where did it come from (locality/source)?
  6. Do you trust/believe that those making/selling/serving your food “know” food?  Is this important to you?
  7. Is there a right (GOOD) and a wrong (BAD) when it comes to food?

Finally…just let me know…if I’d like to share one of your answers, may I attribute it to you, or would you prefer to remain anonymous?

Thanks for your help!

I’ll keep you posted…  xo Andrea

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tim Dorch says:

    1) Except for breakfast (cereal) and lunch (preferably meatless but may include leftovers) my approach has been less planning and more ‘on the day’ impulse. No (heat’um & eat’ums.’ Ideally, my main (evening) meal would consist of market fresh protein and produce (starches excepted) regional and/or locally sourced always preferred. Non processed products are targeted with few exceptions. Daily rotation of protein are optimum. Each meal would consist one protein (preferably grilled) , one salad or vegetable, and one starch side. No after meal desserts. Wine is fine when available!
    2) No one factor.
    3) Until a recent relocation from the East Coast to the Midwest, the % was about 65-70. Availability was sharply reduced except for summer since relocation.
    4) Availability.
    5) Farmers are key!
    6) Not important/creativity only.
    7) Right or wrong – no,


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